Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia – MP 0 to 176

Virginia Portion of Blue Ridge Parkway

When I lived in Asheville, NC, I would go up to the Blue Ridge Parkway on the weekends. My friends and I pretty much stuck to mileposts 400 to 430 because that was closest to us. Cut to ten years later. I am planning a road trip on the BRP, but I want to see parts of it that Ive never seen. I decided to start at milepost 0 in Virginia and drive most of the parkway. While the Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway isnt as well traveled as the NC portion, it is just as beautiful.

Otter Creek Milepost 62

Otter Creek is a manmade waterfall at Milepost 62. That being said, it is worth a stop. Walk down some stone stairs to the base of the small waterfall and you will find a flat area suitable for sitting and eating a meal. When we visited in the fall, the colors were beautiful.

Thunder Ridge Overlook Milepost 74.7

When I was making our itinerary for this trip, I knew I wanted to stop at Thunder Ridge Overlook. You have to turn off the parkway and head to a small parking lot. From the parking lot, it is a five minute walk down a wood path to a spectacular overlook. Be sure to make a stop here if you are nearby!

Roanoke River Overlook Milepost 114.9

The Roanoke River Overlook has a large parking lot and a short hiking trail that gives you a view of the dam. This is a great spot to stop for lunch or stretch your legs. If you have a drone, you can get some amazing shots of the dam.

Planning a Trip to the Parkway

I used several resources to find these spots and plan my route. Once was the Blue Ridge Parkway app. I was impressed by how much information the app had and it was integral to planning my trip. Click here to check out this app.

Another great resource is the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation website. You can check out webinars, get maps, and stay abreast of weather closures through this site.

The Parkway is an excellent choice for a relaxing road trip. The most popular times on the BRP are spring and fall, so plan accordingly. During high season there is a lot of traffic and getting from point A to point B can be slow going. But if you drive the Virginia portion, you wont encounter as much traffic.

Check out the best waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway:

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