Setting Up Hot Tent Interior

I want to test my new winter gear, so I need to get to setting up the hot tent interior. There are several systems that will go into the set up. First, the stove. Next, the bedding. Finally, the food/meal prep area. Let’s check it out!

Setting up Hot Tent

This season, I am testing the Luxe Outdoors Hercules hot tent. It is an eight person dome style tent with a built in stove jack. There are two ways to heat up a hot tent: wood stove or propane heater. For my main source of heat, I will be using the Pomoly T1 Ultra titanium wood stove. This stove is built for heating a space for three to six people and features two windows, a foldable body, and a weight of eight pounds, including the stovepipe.

I set up the stove already, so I need to setup my bedding and food prep areas. My winter sleep system for this season consists of four items. First, I am using the REI Magma 30 sleeping bag. This bag is rated down to 29 degrees F at a comfort level, and 18 degrees F for survivability. The camp pillow I am using is from Teton Sports and seems to be pretty comfortable. I got a new sleep pad I am testing this season. It is the Exped DeepSleep Mat 7.5 Sleeping Pad in the long extra wide version. It has an R value of 8.5, making it suitable for extremely cold climates.

As for my food prep area, I am using a small table covered with a Peruvian tablecloth. I have a cutting board, my pans, knife, and tea kettle on the table as a little prep area. In a tent this size, it is nice to have a dedicated food prep area. Also, I live in an area without bears, so I can prep and eat food in the tent.

Be sure to watch the video below so you can see the setup process. Also, Adventures in Jennyland is viewer and reader supported. When you buy through the links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Cheers!

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