Setting up Hot Tent Wood Stove

Today I set up my Pomoly T1 Ultra titanium wood stove in my Luxe Outdoors Hercules hot tent. I did a first burn of the titanium wood stove a few days ago. A first burn is important because you want all the chemicals, coatings, and oils from the manufacturing process to be burned off before you use the stove in an enclosed space. Now that the wood stove is burned in, it is ready to be installed into my hot tent.

Hot Tent Wood Stove Install

First, you must open the stove jack. The tent I am using, the Luxe Outdoors Hercules hot tent, comes with a stove jack preinstalled. Open both sides of the stove jack (interior and exterior zippers). Next, I lay down a half inch piece of plywood. You can pick up a 2×2 piece of plywood at any Home Depot or Lowes. I like to lay down the piece of wood because it provides a solid surface for the wood stove. The ground may melt from the heat of the stove and cause the stove to not be level. The plywood prevents this from happening.

Next, I covered the plywood with a fireproof mat. This will prevent any burns to the plywood or tent floor if an ember or spark comes out of the wood stove. I put another piece of plywood down for my wood pile.

Next it was time to bring in the fire box of the wood stove. I centered it on the plywood as well as I could. Next, I put the spark arrestor and guylines on the stove pipe. I loosened the guylines before I stuck the stovepipe down into the tent through the top of the stove jack. I go inside the tent and connect the stove pipe with the stove and make adjustments. Finally, I staked the three stovepipe guylines to the ground to provide stability in high winds and snow.

Time to Use the Wood Stove

The hot tent wood stove is installed! Time to make a fire and cook some food. Check out the video linked above to see the wood stove install and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more camping and outdoors videos.

I am not sponsored by either Pomoly or Luxe Outdoors, I just like their gear ­čÖé

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