Coffee Rocket Review

I was looking for an easy way to make a fresh brewed cup of coffee while camping. I wanted a device that was lightweight and easily packed into my gear. A shopping trip to Cabela’s later and I had the Coffee Rocket in my hot little hands. I am not sponsored by Coffee Rocket and I purchased it with my own hard earned dollars. In this Coffee Rocket review, let’s see how it works and if it is worth adding to your camping gear!

Details of the Coffee Rocket

The Coffee Rocket retails for between $9 to $12. Find it on Amazon by clicking here (affiliate link, I may earn a small commission that helps support the channel). It is an eight fluid ounce pour-over coffee maker that claims to make a cup of coffee in less than three minutes. It weighs 110 grams. About three and a half ounces of coffee fits in the nesting cup so you can make your coffee as strong as you like. The Coffee Rocket is also very compact. The filter body nests into the water hopper so it doesn’t take up much room in your gear and the stainless steel filter is easy to clean after use. But does it work? And how good is the cup of coffee once it’s done?

How to Use

When you take the Coffee Rocket out of its packaging, it will be in two pieces. The water hopper is clear and has a stainless steel filter in the bottom. The coffee filter is navy blue and can be disassembled into two pieces: the stainless steel filter cup and the plastic cup that holds it. Fill the filter cup with coffee, about two tablespoons will do. Next, attach the water hopper to the top of the filter. Telescope the legs on the filter so that the entire Coffee Rocket will sit nicely on the lip of your coffee cup. Set the Rocket onto the top of your coffee mug and ensure that it is stable. Next, pour hot water into the water hopper, about an inch from the top. You will notice the water will start to drip through the coffee in the filter and come out the other side into your mug. Refill the water hopper as many times as you like, I usually fill the hopper twice. Add whatever you want to the coffee, such as cream or sugar. Or both, if you like to live dangerously. Or neither, if you’re a coffee purist. Then, enjoy!

coffee rocket in action

Coffee Rocket Review Final Thoughts

After using the Coffee Rocket in the field several times, I have to say, I like it! If you really need to have freshly brewed coffee when you’re camping, but don’t feel like using a French press, this device is for you. It gives you a perfect cup of pour over coffee and is easy to use.

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