First Burn Wood Stove: Pomoly T1 Ultra

It’s a beautiful day to do a first burn in my new titanium wood stove, the T1 Ultra by Pomoly. I am not sponsored by Pomoly, I just love their products. I used a Guide Gear wood stove last winter camping season. This season, I needed an upgrade. And boy, this T1 Ultra is a hell of an upgrade. I went with the 9 foot stove pipe because I ran into some issues last season burning a couple of holes in my hot tent. I think a taller stove pipe will help with that.

Admittedly I had a hard time rolling the stove pipe the first time. It is not as easy as the instructional videos make it out to be! So I went to Home depot and bought two 4.5 foot lengths of two inch diameter PVC pipe. I had them cut it into 4.5 foot lengths to make it easier to store. There is no shame in using PVC pipe or a pool noodle to roll up the titanium wood stovepipe. Just use whatever will help you get that stove pipe rolled up correctly without crinkling it too much. I also had some guylines on hand in case it got windy out, but I didn’t end up needing them for the first burn on the wood stove.

How to do a First Burn in your Wood Stove

Before you use any wood stove in an enclosed space, be it a tent, van, or tiny home, you want to do a first burn outside to burn off any chemicals and coatings from the manufacturing process. You don’t want to breath that stuff in. First, you want to assemble the Pomoly. That is super easy because it is a foldable titanium wood stove. Fold everything up and place it outside on a hard surface. I used my back porch, which is stamped concrete.

Next, fill the wood stove with hard wood. Soft wood like pine will create a lot of black smoke, causing the windows of the Pomoly to blacken. The carbon will burn away, but in the mean time it will block your windows and that defeats the purpose of having windows in your wood stove.

After you have the stove loaded with hard wood and kindling, light that sucker! I like to do a long first burn, between three and five hours. That way, everything is burned in and seasoned correctly. Make sure to flip the stovepipe over one time so that both ends get a good first burn in.

I burned a fire for five hours. The titanium went from looking brand new to having this nice multicolored patina. That is totally normal for a titanium wood stove. I let the fire go out naturally and cleaned out the ashes the next day. This wood stove is ready for a hot tent!

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