Hot Tent Camping in Snow Storm

First Winter Camping Trip

We finally made it on our first hot tent camping trip! We decided to test the hot tent at a campground right down the road. The weather forecast for the weekend called for a lot of snow, so we prepared ourselves to do some hot tent camping in a snow storm. How will this hot tent perform in blizzard-like conditions?

I had tested the Luxe Outdoor Megahorn hot tent in my backyard for several days prior this trip. I had also seasoned the Guide Gear camp stove and used it in my backyard experiments. Now, it was time to use the two pieces of equipment in the field. Thankfully, the snow held off while we erected the hot tent and got everything set up.

The Luxe Outdoor Megahorn hot tent is a four person tee-pee style hot tent that comes standard with a stove jack. It has two doors that both have screens. If you would like to check out the specs, here is a link to the website. It ranges in price from $250 USD to $325 USD. As far as size, I think it can comfortably fit two people, not four. The stove takes up quite a bit of space. I just finished a review of the Guide Gear camp stove we used on this trip. If you would like more info on that stove, click here to check out my review.

After set up, we built a fire and boiled some water to prepare a dehydrated backpacking meal as a snack. It started snowing soon after, so we moved into the tent. Be sure to check out the video linked above to see the entire adventure!

Final Thoughts

It snowed from 5pm that evening until we left at 11am the next morning. The Megahorn hot tent stood up to the snow storm! The stove worked pretty well, although we had some issues with the door not closing correctly. As far as a first camping trip with this hot tent, I would call it a success. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I would recommend hot tent camping in a snow storm to anyone!

As far as tips for hot tent camping, I would say make sure to test your gear close to home before you use it in the field. This especially holds true for winter camping because you are dealing with extreme conditions. Make sure you have enough wood to get you through the night. Also, be aware of the wildlife in your area. We were able to cook inside of the tent because we don’t have any bears nearby. But if you’re in an area that does, be advised that cooking in the hot tent is a terrible idea. If you don’t want to use a camp stove in your hot tent, there are lots of propane heaters available that can provide adequate heating.

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