Hot Tent Testing

I wanted to do some more hot tent testing before I headed out on my first camping trip. We had a blizzard in the forecast, so I geared up for a great day of hot tent testing (links in this article may be affiliate links, if you purchase an item through these links I may earn a small commission that helps support the channel).

Conditions of Testing

After having my hot tent set up in the backyard for a couple of days, it was time for some more testing. It had already endured a major snowfall and was performing great. We got another eight inches of snow this day. The snow piled up on the sides of the teepee and caused it to sink in, but the tent stayed standing. I had to tighten up the straps after I cleared away all the snow.

What was Tested

I tested the integrity of the tent in a heavy snowfall. I chopped a bunch of wood so we could get a good fire going in the camp stove. For this test I used the Guide Gear outdoor wood stove. I wanted to use an inexpensive camp stove before I committed to a more expensive titanium or stainless steel stove. Check out the full review of the Guide Gear outdoor wood stove here.

To get the fire started, I tested some new fire starters. They worked out really well! The only problem I ran into was they might have caused some burn holes in my tent. The stovepipe is only seven feet tall so I think that contributed to the burn holes as well.

I wanted to test a wood stove fan to distribute the air in the tent. I was surprised at how fast it started spinning! Next, I used a whetstone to sharpen my hatchet. Then, I took out my carbon monoxide detector and put it close to the camp stove. Finally, it was time to cook a meal on the camp stove!

Using a ten inch cast iron pan, I cooked up some chorizo and beans. It turned out delicious! Cooking on an outdoor wood stove can be difficult because there are hot spots, but if you pay attention to what your cooking it will turn out great.

Final Thoughts

I am a strong believer in testing your gear at home before you head out to the field. This was the second eight hour day of testing before I headed out for my first hot tent camping adventure. I am glad I tested out the stove and the tent especially because they can be a bit tricky to set up. After some trial and error, I feel like I am ready for my camping trip. Be sure to check out the video of this backyard test by clicking the link above!

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