How to Set up Tower Garden Flex Indoors

Why Vertical Farming?

When the pandemic first started, Goran and I did a bit of research and came across the Tower Garden. I’ve always had a green thumb, so the idea of vertical farming was appealing to me. We watched a few YouTube videos and we were sold. The Tower Garden was out of stock, but we were able to order it with a ship date of eight weeks. We ended up getting a call from the company after about four weeks saying they were able to ship it out!

So why vertical farming? Mainly its a space saver. You also don’t need to use soil, just fertilizer and water. And my favorite thing about the Tower Garden’s system is that you can utilize it indoors or outdoors depending on your climate and needs (Tower Garden FLEX does both).

How to Set up Tower Garden

Tower Garden is super easy to set up. It’s easier if you have two people. If you watch the video above, you will get many tips and tricks for setting up your Tower Garden and the Tower Garden grow lights.

What Grows Best in Tower Garden?

After using the Tower Garden all summer, I have determined that lettuce is the best crop for this system. This winter, I am growing three different types of lettuce: Bibb, Prizehead, and Sylva. One of the great things about Tower Garden is there is no need for pesticides. You are growing the lettuce indoors, so you can just clip a few leaves and eat them right off the tower. After spending four dollars for five ounces of lettuce in the store, it’s really nice to have it growing in my kitchen for the just the cost of startup. The Tower Garden will pay for itself within a year.


Speaking of costs, I wouldn’t consider Tower Garden vertical farms to be cheap as far as price is concerned. Building one from scratch would be a lot cheaper. But purchasing the Tower Garden will be the easier solution. Here are the costs:

Tower Garden Flex: $620.00, split into 12 payments of $51.67. The kit includes the following items (this list is taken directly from the Tower Garden website):

  • Vertical, aeroponics Tower Garden
  • A variety of starter seeds
  • Seed starting supplies, including germination tray, 20 rockwool cubes, vermiculite and net pots
  • Pump, timer and drain tube
  • Tower Garden Mineral Blend plant food (1 qt. each) and measuring cup
  • pH test kit and one bottle each of pH adjusters
  • Dedicated customer support and comprehensive growing resources to help at every stage of your Tower Garden experience

There are a few other items you can purchase for the Tower Garden. The LED grow light kit is essential if you are going to be using the Tower Garden indoors. It costs $300. In addition, you can purchase an extension kit to add more levels to the garden, a rolling dolly so you can move the garden around more easily, and larger bottles of fertilizer.

I am not sponsored by Tower Garden, nor do I have any affiliate links with them. I just love this product and it has worked really well for me. Below I have listed links to their website so you can get a Tower Garden for yourself.

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