Mabry Mill – Blue Ridge Parkway Virginia

History of Mabry Mill

This former mill is a beautiful stop on the Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Built by Ed Mabry in the early 1900s, it was used for several decades as a functioning mill. It also served as a wheelhouse and a blacksmith shop. The National Park Service took ownership of the land in 1938 after Ed passed away. The site was a clear choice for inclusion on the Blue Ridge Parkway route. Check out more information about Mabry Mill here.

What to do Here

There are many fun activities at Mabry Mill. Be sure to stop in at the restaurant for delicious southern cuisine. There is also a gift shop. There are also live exhibits during the warmer months including an active blacksmithing shop, a sorghum mill, and a whiskey still. You can also take a look at Matthew’s cabin, an authentic log cabin that was moved to the Mabry Mill site after being donated in 1956.

Planning a Trip to the Parkway

I used several resources to find these spots and plan my route. Once was the Blue Ridge Parkway app. I was impressed by how much information the app had and it was integral to planning my trip. Click here to check out this app.

Another great resource is the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation website. You can check out webinars, get maps, and stay abreast of weather closures through this site.

The Parkway is an excellent choice for a relaxing road trip. The most popular times on the BRP are spring and fall, so plan accordingly. During high season there is a lot of traffic and getting from point A to point B can be slow going. But if you drive the Virginia portion, you wont encounter as much traffic.

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