Snow Fort Camping

Be sure to click the video link above to head over to my snow fort camping video!

Childhood Igloos

When I was a kid, it snowed so much more than it does now. My little brother and I would play in the snow all day until our hands would be frozen in the cheap gloves we wore. My dad had this igloo maker from when he was young. It was a metal saucer that you laid upside down on the ground. Attached to it was a metal pole that could be adjust in length and ratcheted up on a pivot point. On the end of that pole was another metal saucer. You would start with the pole paralell to the ground and pile snow against the out side saucer. Then you would move the pole/saucer over to the right and repeat the process. Once the bottom layer of the igloo was complete, you would ratchet the pole up about 2 feet and repeat the process. You had to leave a spot open for the door, but other than that you just continued piling snow and ratcheting the pole higher.

We would also build snow forts out of piled snow. We had a picket fence in one corner of our yard and we would pile snow in the corner and then dig out the inside of the pile. Man, did we have fun as kids!

How We Built It

Cut to 2021: tons of snowfall in February and temperatures in the teens and single digits. We got a couple feet of accumulation over this first couple of weeks of the month. My brother and niece decided to build a snow fort! Using his snow plow, he created a giant pile of snow. Then began the work of digging it out! Over the course of the few days my niece and I carved out the snow fort and created my home away from home!

Camping Time!

It was finally time for a campout! I set up my sleeping bag and put lanterns in the little nooks I carved out. After gathering several sled-fulls of wood, I started a fire to cook dinner. I used the Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe and M1 Grill. On the menu was a sirloin steak, roasted brussel sprouts with garlic, and green peas. As the sun went down, the temperatures dropped, and it was time to curl up in my snow fort! Be sure to check out the video linked above.

Thoughts and Final Impressions

I have to say, camping in a snow fort was frickin’ awesome. It was a little chilly but once I got into my sleeping bag I was perfectly comfortable. It was getting a little drippy on the inside so I was a little freaked out, but I got over it quickly. In the morning I noticed a lot of light shining through several sections of the snow fort, so Im glad I was able to get one solid campout in it. All in all, I highly recommend snow fort camping! Just be sure your snow fort won’t collapse on you and bring a warm sleeping bag!

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