Testing New Hot Tent in Backyard

I was sick of staying inside so I decided it was time to start testing my new hot tent and camp stove! I am a believer of testing your gear before you take it into the field. This is a Luxe Outdoor Megahorn III hot tent and a Guide Gear camp stove. I wanted to see how easy it was to set up this hot tent, get a fire started in the wood burning camp stove, measure the temperature differences inside and outside the hot tent when the camp stove has a fire in it, and cook a meal on the camp stove. Lots of tests for this gear, so this video was filmed over two days in January 2021.

hot tent with camp stove installed

Day One of Testing New Hot Tent

Day one was about getting the Megahorn III hot tent set up and getting the camp stove installed. It was a chilly 36 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. My backyard is on an incline, so finding a suitable spot to pitch this tent was a problem. I ended up settling on a spot with a slight incline towards the back of my yard. After two attempts, the tent was set up.

Installing the Guide Gear camp stove was much easier. The only issue I ran into was creating a level surface the stove could sit upon. I ended up using a level and some quarter inch plywood to get the stove level. After that, I laid out a fireproof mat and attached the stove pipes.

Day Two of Testing New Hot Tent

Day two of testing involved testing some new products and cooking another meal. I testing a wood stove electric fan, a carbon monoxide detector, a reflective blanket to use as ground cover, and I sharpened my new axe. The meal I cooked was chorizo and beans with onion and bell pepper.

I ran into a couple of issues on this second day of testing, including burning two little holes in my hot tent and problems with smoke inside of the tent. I was able to find some tent repair patches in a similar color to the tent on Amazon, so that was an easy fix. The smoke issue turned out to be a little more difficult.

What’s in Store After This Test?

We had a campout planned for the following weekend at a local campground. I’m glad we had practiced setting everything up beforehand so that we were better prepared in the field. Check out the video of our campout here.

Also, if you would like to know what goes into our camping kitchen box, check out this video!

How to Sharpen an Axe with a Wet Stone: https://youtu.be/0SP-vGwTaFU

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